Integrative Christian Coaching combines a diverse range of healing modalities in the areas of mental, emotional, and physical wellness, all rooted in the development of a strong, meaningful relationship with Christ.


"Diane is a natural coach. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas I really wanted to improve. Each session provided positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I needed to make."



"Coaching was life-changing for me!  I needed direction on what God wanted me to do.  I am so thankful that I know the direction that I am taking is the right one and I would not have discovered that without Diane’s guidance. "


- Jennifer

"Thank you! Your ability to center and calm me during this chaotic time by showing me love and compassion has meant the world to me. Your love for others shines through."


- Lynn

"I am so happy with Diane's coaching program.  I feel like a new person.  I am so much more aware of myself and who I am!"


"I am so impressed by the coaching program with Diane. I have seen significant growth in all areas of my life. "


"Diane is naturally intuitive, inquisitive, open-minded and compassionate.

She has helped me to believe in myself."


- Anonymous

"I am totally in awe of how God is using you to work in my life. You are such a big part of my journey toward healing and God's purpose for my life.  It's all for His glory!


"My mindset has completely changed. I am very grateful for Diane. I was in a completely different mental space, and I didn't have any tools to shift my mindset really before this program. I appreciate the homework and information I was given throughout the program. I am just really grateful to have been able to do this!  "


"Thank you, Diane, for following the leadership of the Holy Spirit.   Thank you for being the person you are and pursuing me as Jesus would, with skin on.  In every lifetime, there are those angels sent by God to come alongside you and help you be the person who God intended you to be.  You, Diane, are one of those people.   Thank you from my heart for your kindness, love, and encouragement. 



- Clare


I help women identify and breakthrough limiting beliefs by developing a powerful mindset, learning the components of self-care, and how to use their unique gifts and strengths to take bold action to live a life with passion, purpose, and confidence.


We will identify self-defeating behaviors that hold you back from living the life God intends for you.


I will partner with you to create a new and powerful mindset to move you away from what’s holding you back and forward in confidence.


You will learn the true components of self-care and how to sustainably incorporate it into your life to promote wellness and help you thrive.


We will identify what you are truly passionate about, and learn how to use your passion,natural strengths and spiritual gifts to help you live a life with purpose .


We will create an action plan tailored to achieving a life with confidence,passion and purpose.

NEW Client Portal: I believe coaching does not stop after the session happens it is between as well. I am excited to offer my clients a customized experience in a centralized place through a client portal.

All packages include daily text inspiration and 20% off Growth Group Sessions.

Payment Options:

I offer two payment plan options with no interest.

My Integrative Christian Coaching Program is eligible for your employer's Flex Spending/Health savings account. 

If you work for a company or organization, check if they reimburse you for coaching and if you work for yourself, coaching is tax-deductible.



(ONLY $45)