Surrender your claim to offense, bitterness, anger, and resentment and learn to be un-messable-with.

This 30-day course is based on the book Unoffendable by Brant Hanson.

Un-messable-with does not mean being in a place with no challenges or disagreements, or noise. Instead, it means choosing a different narrative that creates peace, grace, forgiveness, compassion, and love. 

You will be guided in examining areas of offense, where the offense is coming from, why you may be offended, and how you can choose to be un-messable-with! 

We will journey through a process through online worksheets, journaling, and 3 LIVE group coaching sessions that will help you discover solutions for how you want to practice being un-messable-with.

 When completing the course all participants receive a copy of Unoffendable  by Brant Hanson.



The course focuses mainly on awareness and how to develop a strategy and plan of action to follow for transforming your life in the areas of:

  • Offense

  • Anger & Bitterness

  • Judgment

  • Stress & Worry

  • Bitterness

  • Regret

Registration Opens December 9th

Course Starts January 9th