Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Anyone who has dabbled in the art of ceramics knows that clay is not easy to work with. Before it can be put upon the wheel, clay has to be properly prepared. It must be washed clean and mixed with enough water to make it moldable. Even after the potter works the clay into a beautiful new form, it must be fired in the kiln, at which point the shape becomes permanent. Finally, the potter paints and glazes the brand-new piece of art, perfecting it so it shines.

Throughout the Bible, we are reminded that we are the clay and God is our Potter, but in our faith journey, we often want to jump to the “perfection” part. We commit our lives to Christ, and right away we want to be beautiful and glossy, unyielding in our faith, immediately strong enough to serve as tools of God.

It is easy to forget all the ways in which we must allow God to change and mold us, all the trials and “fires” we must go through before we are perfected. Essentially, we are all works in progress, and the process might last a lifetime.

God’s skilled hands are preparing you and molding you according to His purpose so that you may bless others and build His kingdom. Be patient while He works and Asks God to have his own way in your life as he forms and reforms you.


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