How often do you hear comments like: 'I'm so busy or 'It's been a crazy week' or 'I don't know how I will get everything done".

I find myself saying things like this all the time. We've become so practiced in the patterns of creating, producing, and "doing" that we've learned to associate our productivity with our worth. Busyness is a badge of honor that we should brag about.

Last week, I read the following quote from Eugene Petersen in his book Subversive Spirituality.

"Busyness is the enemy of spirituality. It is essentially laziness. It is doing the easy thing instead of the hard thing. It fills our time with our actions instead of paying attention to God's actions. It is taking charge."

I wouldn't say I liked it – I re-read it again, and it deeply challenged me. I realized the depth of its truth. Rushing from task to task sometimes means that more profound questions can be avoided – like addressing underlying issues.

Doing more helps us avoid the hard work. But, it leaves the question, "What are you doing?".

Packing every moment of your day with busyness is not a way to move forward; it can be a way of avoiding or feeling a false sense of control.

There is great power in "Being ."In the being is where we hear the gentle whispers of spirit guiding us; it's in "Being" that we can ask the hard questions; it's in "Being" that we learn to trust.

In your busyness, ask the questions "Am I avoiding something?" or "Am I trying to control an outcome?"

If the answer is YES..... just "BE."