My favorite place to catch up with friends is Defined Coffee in Huntersville. Recently, I have found myself longing for and imagining the days when I can sneak in a quick coffee date with a girlfriend.

Lately, I have felt weighed down by what is going on in the world. A moment or two of losing sight of who I am and my purpose is in being here. I have asked myself a few times, What is God calling me to do in these times?

I want to remind you, just as I would if we were sharing a cup of coffee, and just as God has reminded me over and over, that the behaviors of others do not change our identity in Christ. We are still His, and, no matter what happens in the world, we are still called, protected, and loved by Him.

If I could sit across the table from you at Defined Coffee, this would be my message: We are here to build bridges, not burn them. We are here to use our hands to hug, not hurt and to use our hearts to inspire, not conspire. This can be a tough task, especially in these times, and honestly the only thing that keeps me from going down a dark hole of worry and anxiety is my love for God. It’s the only thing keeping me from going there, but it’s the only thing I need. And, no matter how dark and scary these times are, God’s love is all you need to answer His call--right now, in this world, in these times.