Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Hope is a simple word and can mean a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. It can be a lifeline when we are going through a troublesome time.

What happens when we lose hope?

The other day my youngest daughter was shuffling around the kitchen, opening the refrigerator and saying she was hungry one hour after eating lunch. I asked her, "Are you hungry or are you thirsty? Drink water first because thirst is often confused with hunger when you're hungry. If you're still hungry after you drink water then, you can have a healthy snack."

If we don't drink enough water, we may become dehydrated. This means our bodies don't have enough fluid to operate correctly. What's true for our physical bodies is true for our spiritual bodies. Sometimes we aren't even in touch with our spiritual thirst, so the danger is that we seek things to quench our thirst that will only offer a reprieve or even make things worse.

If you find yourself losing hope and in a season of dehydration, where depression, fear, and anxiety have taken over, where hope feels like it is fading, start hydrating with daily prayer, take a good long drink of God's word, nourish your soul with worship and praise, spend time with a friend or mentor, and serve someone in the name of Jesus.


Don't wait until life has drained you and you are spiritually dehydrated. God is eager to refresh your spirit daily.