Intention. Commitment. Two words that appear to have similar meanings, but the difference between them is miles apart.

Want to know what your intentions are? Look at your To-Do list.

Want to see what you are committed to? Look at your calendar.

Years of working with all different kinds of clients, I've noticed that the difference between those who honor their commitments and achieve success, and those who don't, is summed up in their understanding of two words; intention and commitment.

Setting an intention is a desire without an action plan!

A commitment is a desire with a clear action plan attached to it.

Intentions often live in our heads, but commitments live on our calendars.

The commitment to a healthy body has me showing up on my yoga mat daily. And a commitment to my clients has me showing up to every session prepared and on time.

An intention usually is preceded by the word, try. When I catch myself saying, I'll try to attend a party, or I'll try to get on my treadmill today; it's a fairly sure sign that it's not going to happen. My intentions live somewhere in the fantasy world of my thoughts.

So, as you set your goals for the year ahead, will you frame them as intentions or commitments?

Here are a few tips to get you started!

1. List all your goals. Do a brain dump! Don't stop there!

Look through each one and prioritize your top 10 goals!

2. Create a sustainable action plan to honor your top 10 ! Turn your goals from intentions into commitments! Break them down into bite-sized chunks that are realistic and doable. Then, put a realistic deadline on them!

3. Put your action plan on your calendar and honor it in the same way you would honor a critical meeting! Know that not wanting to do what you have committed to is 100% the case on many days. Take action and honor your calendar anyway.

4. Get support. Whether joining a group that shares the same goals, working with a professional coach, or just connecting with an accountability partner, know that every single one of us needs support to achieve our goals.