There is a story about Monkey Catchers that place a cage in the jungle and puts many bananas inside the cell. A monkey comes along and spots the bananas, goes inside, reaches through the narrow rungs of the cage, and grabs a banana, and no matter how hard he tries – twisting his hand back and forth – he can't get the banana. He does not let go! The interesting thing is the door to the cage is open, and the Monkey can escape anytime, and even with the approaching trappers, he won't let go of the banana. Now, if you were standing there in the jungle, watching all of this happen, and wanted to save the Monkey, you might yell in exasperation, "Let go of the Banana!"

In the same way, we sometimes hang on to our toxic habits, limiting beliefs, labels—anger, negative thinking that clouds our perspective. We won't let go of them, even when it would be in our best interest to do so.

Could it quite possibly be we can get so comfortable doing what we have always done that we are not willing to let go of the familiar?

Do you need to let go of the familiar to receive and embrace the freedom of something new?