Change is all around us. Whether this change is growing children, changing health, or a business restructuring, change is constant.

If we know change is constant, why do we resist it?

Accepting change often means you have to step out of your comfort and security and into unknown territory. It is natural to resist change when it happens, especially sudden change. Unfortunately, when we resist change, we can become addicted to our comfort zones. Staying in our comfort zones gives us a sense of control, safety, and comfort.

So the first step in getting outside of your comfort zone is to recognize that you are in it.

Some signs that you're in your comfort zone are playing the waiting game, waiting for something to happen, waiting for the moment when all the pieces come together. Some other signs are resistance to change, procrastination, complaining, stagnancy, blame, constantly being in reaction and not action.

When you find you're resting in your comfort zone, instead of waiting, do it now, time waits for no one, instead of resisting, accept it; and no that once you accept it, you always have a choice to leave the job, the relationship, the city and even reframe the change, when you start to procrastinate, keep your feet moving and take action; instead of complaining, practice gratitude, there is always something to be grateful for, and you can't complain and be thankful at the same time. Finally, if you feel your life is stagnant or complacent, decide to do something to shake it up. Try something new and challenge yourself.

Staying in your comfort zone can stifle your growth and often causes us to miss out on opportunities.

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