We have the “height chart” on the door frame in my daughter’s room. Each birthday we use this to mark a new life milestone. Since becoming a parent, all I’ve heard is “cherish each moment; time flies” and “before you know it, you’ll be planning a wedding” or “watching them become parents of their own.” I’ll admit that I have difficulty recognizing how fast they are growing. It’s true what they say, “the days are long, but the years are short.” As I look back at the transformation from a helpless newborn, to an active toddler, to a curious child and now an independent teenager, it seems to have happened so fast! And while I look forward to them achieving the next milestone, I selfishly wish I could freeze time!

Whether physical or spiritual, our transformation is like the milestones on the doorframe that mark different stages of our development. Each stage requires desire and discipline and is often accompanied by growing pains. For example, a child didn’t just wake up knowing how to walk; they had to learn to crawl first. Like any other developmental milestone, your spiritual growth depends on how much time you devote to it.

Maybe you’re still learning to crawl in your spiritual walk. Or perhaps you’ve been walking when you should be running or jumping. Whatever the next milestone you aim to achieve will require discipline, may be accompanied by growing pains, and may take longer to accomplish than you want. But know that no matter how long the process, you will be stronger in the end.