Last week, I asked God for an answer to a difficult situation. With my heart and soul, I heard him say “TRUST.”

This reminded me of the story of Peter, who trusted Jesus enough to climb out of a boat in the middle of a storm to get to his Lord.

Before sunrise, it was windy, dark, and cold, and the sea was rough.

Jesus went to his disciples who were in the boat, walking on the water. Scared out of their wits, they thought He was a ghost until they heard Jesus’ familiar voice tell them, “Take courage, it’s me, don’t be afraid” (Matthew 14: 28-32). Peter, scared and full of doubt, said, “Master if it’s really you, call me to come to you on the water.” Even when Jesus identified Himself and offered words of calm and comfort, Peter still needed reassurance it was him.

Jesus could have been angered by Peter’s reluctance to trust, but, as always, Jesus meets his disciples where they are. He said to Peter, “Come ahead.”

Peter decided to trust Jesus. He stepped reluctantly in the water walking to Jesus. Even though he was scared and hesitant at first, Peter’s faith and obedience brought him through the rough, fearsome waves and gave him the ability to do something miraculous in his walk to Jesus. Literally and figuratively, Peter’s step of faith brought him closer to the Lord.

In the midst of his walk toward Jesus, Peter began to lose focus and look at the circumstances around him instead of keeping his eyes on Jesus, and he began to sink.

Have you ever had your trust waver when you start to look at your circumstances?

Peter cried out to Jesus to save him. Just as he is with us in the midst of all our storms, Jesus was right there next to Peter. He pulled Peter up, saving him from drowning in the crashing waves of his own doubt.

Surrendering our lives to Jesus can be scary. Like the disciples, we fear what we can’t see and don’t understand, so we want to stay inside the small spaces we create because they seem safe. What we don’t realize is that, when we trust Jesus, He gives us the ability to get past our challenges and our fears, just as He gave Peter the power to walk on water. There Like Peter, we might momentarily lose trust and sink. But what I love the most about this story is that when Peter called out to Jesus, He was right there, and He saved him. When we sink into the waves of our doubt, fear, or hopelessness Jesus will save us, too.

Stepping out of our comfort zones isn’t always the easiest thing. There will be days when we feel focused and brave. There will be other days when we feel like we are sinking. However, we are lucky enough to belong to a God who will never leave us or forsake us even when we lose focus, and even when things get tough.