Part 5:Persevere In Faith

Luke 19:10

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."

So in his last words, Jesus was communicating that the work he came for was accomplished. The task of earning the world's salvation was completed in his work on the cross. No more additions or adjustments were necessary – salvation was achieved.

Jesus himself is the ultimate display of perseverance until death. He was born flesh, lived a sinless life, and taught us how to live by His example.

He persevered through agony on the cross, gave His life for a sinner like you and me, and offered the perfect example of endurance as he finished the race of life perfectly.

Jesus suffered way more than we ever will. It's a huge comfort when I'm weary or discouraged to know that Jesus has been here and has "shared in our humanity.

Staying focused on Jesus requires us to be intentional. Regular prayer, worship, and reading of Scripture are essential. We can read his story through the gospels and follow his example as Jesus shows us how to persist through adversity, pain, sorrow, mountaintops, and valleys.

Rest, exercise, friendships, and a healthy work/life balance will all help us keep going, but none are as crucial as our ongoing, close relationship with Jesus.


How can Jesus teach you how to navigate through pain, sorrow, and valleys?

What does staying focused on Jesus look like to you?