What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Do you work out? Make your to-do list? Check your emails? Scroll on social media? Help your kids get ready for school? I get it. The list feels never-ending.

However, one thing I've found that aligns my day is being intentional about my quiet time with God. It may mean waking up a little earlier to prioritize my morning, but spending time with Him first puts everything else into perspective.

Here are a few practical ways you can make time with God part of your morning routine:

Read a devotional

God's word is one of the primary ways He speaks to us. Make time to tune into His voice.


Affirmations can strengthen our spirit as we repeat them aloud or silently to ourselves, and they can help remind us of who we are in Christ.


Start your day by covering yourself and others in prayer.

Be Still

In the morning, it can be helpful to make some quiet time to just clear your mind and make space in your heart for the Holy Spirit. You can think of this as meditation, reflection, or just listening to what God has to say to you at that moment. It might be difficult at first to slow your mind down if you are not used to finding stillness, after practice, you will find that you long for this special time.

Listen To Worship Music

Put together a worship playlist and listen to it during your commute. Worship music uplifts our spirit. Scripture encourages us to find the music that allows our hearts to sing and connect to God.

Renewing your mind each morning sets your day up for responding to whatever life throws at you in ways that feed your spirit and prepare you to be an instrument of God.