I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that well. Psalm 139:14

I remember growing up and going to the fair! One of my favorite things to do was walk through the funhouse! They had these crazy wavy mirrors; each mirror distorted how you see yourself. It was funny to see myself as this gigantic head on a tiny body or super tall and skinny, or short and round. Knowing it was all an illusion made it fun! Unfortunately, many of us live in a house of distorted mirrors, believing the illusion of who we think we are. Mirrors that reflect insecurity, shame, and inadequacy, to name a few!These distorted ways we see ourselves hold us captive to a "less-than" identity. What would happen if we looked into the mirror and reflected the way God sees us? What would you see? Here is what I think would reflect.

There is no one else like you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made; your existence, features, and abilities are not a mistake. God doesn't make mistakes. You're not just acceptable; you're worth something. You're worth a lot. There is no one else like you … you fill a particular spot in this world and God's work. You are precious in His sight, just how He made you. Not perfect in the sense of a high IQ, flawless skin, and a great personality. But perfect for God's unique plan for your life and those you can help along the way. Everything begins to change when you learn to see how God views you!


Unfortunately, all sorts of warped mirrors in our lives can result in

reflections of unworthy, unloved, inadequate, or not good enough; these distorted mirrors will dictate what you do and how you relate to others. Changing how you see yourself is possible! Get God's truth in your mind so that it can sink deep into your heart.