As we self-isolate, small businesses in our country are struggling to make ends meet ―being a small business owner for over 10 years I know the feeling all too well of not being able to make my bills and wages .Although customers have disappeared, bills and wages have not.

If you are worried that your favorite local salon or coffee shop will be closed down by the time it’s safe to resume a regular schedule, or you want to keep supporting service-oriented workers who can’t simply do their work remotely, there are a few things you can do.

Some small businesses that don’t typically do a lot of online ordering are testing the waters. Breweries are available for curbside pickup or delivery. Coffee shops and local restaurants are open for takeout and delivery .

If you have a solid source of income during this time, it might be worth taking the night off from cooking once in a while to support workers and business owners in your neighborhood who aren’t sure how they’re going to get through the next few months.

If you know a favorite local shop that already does ordering through its website, now might be a good time to jump on whatever item you’d had in your sights a few weeks ago. If you can keep paying your house cleaner, personal trainer, yoga teacher or dog walker or anyone who depends on regular income from their clients while staying safe please do so.

Your generosity could be a game changer for them right now.

If you’re thinking of stocking up on household staples coffee, for example ― pick up those things from a local coffee shop before clearing out the shelves at Publix.

If you are financially unable to keep paying as usual, consider leaving a great review for for services you’ve used, refer them to others and share their offerings

For those businesses who have already been forced to shut their doors, please reach out by social media, e-mail, phone call, or whatever mechanism you have to tell them that you support them and when all of this is over, you’ll be there at their door.

When I closed my business over 2 years ago the output of support is what gave me the momentum to re-open.When we believe that we matter to you, it gives us the strength to find another way to keep going.

If you keep dreaming of regular routine, give your future self a gift to spend at your local salon, yoga studio,or favorite workout place.

Gift cards can go toward helping with cash flow in uncertain times.

Quarantine life can get dull. Churches, local yoga ,exercise studios and coaches are offering livestream classes.Take advantage of this time to try something new or learn something new. Log on and show your support.

If you’ve been meaning to put up a fence, do a bit of landscaping, replace some windows or tackle any other project that doesn’t take more than a few people to complete, find a local handyman or service to help.

The bottom line is to emerge from this with our communities strong and intact,we need to offer a strong show of support for our local businesses.


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