You Are Wonderfully Made

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

In 1 Corinthians 12:4, Paul answers a question about spiritual gifts. 

He says, “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.” 

Recently I have been studying the many ways God blesses us with differing abilities that all work together in the Body of Christ called Spiritual Gifts.

A Spiritual Gift is a God-given extraordinary ability, distributed as Paul said to individual Christians by the Holy Spirit that allows him or her to work through their lives for the good of the church.

Discovering how God created you can be exciting! You may find you are blessed with the skills to complete tasks using your Spiritual Gifts, and you have joy and energy while performing them that cannot be recreated through other means. Examples of Spiritual Gifts might be evangelism, creative communication, discernment, encouraging, serving, leadership, teaching, etc... 

Sometimes we can mix up natural talents and spiritual gifts.

Natural talents are the ways we are able to express our Spiritual Gifts.  They are actual abilities to do certain things. For example, singing, painting, speaking, fixing things, and writing is all Natural Talents.  Perhaps someone has the Spiritual Gift of evangelism, and she or he expresses it through singing. Or, maybe someone has the Spiritual Gift of encouraging and expresses it through coaching. Natural Talents are the unique ways God allows us to express the Spiritual Gifts with which he creates us.  

Remember that neither Spiritual Gifts nor Natural Talents exist for their own sakes or even for our individual benefits; they exist to help us in our assignment of carrying out the Will of God on Earth.  Thus, we shouldn’t hone these skills with the goal of bringing ourselves attention and praise; we should humbly seek to use these gifts for the glory of God. 

Spiritual Gifts and Natural Talents are true blessings from God because they make us unique and, through them, He gives us permission to be ourselves. If He wanted everyone to have a beautiful singing voice or amazing people skills, he would have made us all the same!  Instead of comparing ourselves with others, we should celebrate and cultivate all the different ways He equips us to carry out His plans. 

Your giftedness is not the most important. It's your relationship with God and others that makes the difference.

God doesn't always call the qualified, but He always qualifies the called.


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