SHINE Women's retreats  provide a comfortable, safe place for women to find hope, peace, authentic relationships, and encouragement!

Each retreat offers Christian Yoga, Meditation, and Group Life Coaching.
By taking care of your mind, body, and soul I hope that women of all ages will discover that they were born to SHINE!


"I was incredibly blessed by this retreat. Even afterward when I headed back into a faster rhythm life, I truly felt a blissful inner peace by keeping in mind new tools and helpful thoughts to help me stay better in tune with myself, slowing it down as needed. I loved being around such a diverse group of women too, from all life-stages! In fact, one thing that made the entire experience so meaningful was stepping into the reality that while we all have our dif erences, we also have incredibly similar internal struggles. That’s why we need community to do life. We are never as alone as we think. I am so grateful for the community I met and made at Diane Cevallos’ Shine Retreat."



"SHINE was so rejuvenating and with all of the disconnect in the world today due to Covid and just stress and people's attitudes it was such a joy to have fellowship with like-minded women. I can’t wait for next year's Retreat and I’m so happy to hear that it will be at the horseshoe farm again. The farm had to be the most relaxing and restful place that seriously reminded you that God is everywhere. It was so evident there. We had the privilege of hiking, relaxing in the hot tub, eating amazing but healthy farm-to-table food, sitting on the floating dock, and reflecting and finished it off with the best massage I have ever had. Kudos to everyone who was involved in creating such a wonderful weekend. I’m definitely going to try and get a few of my dear friends to join next year. Thanks again, everyone."


- Melanie

"I am so glad I signed up for Diane's Shine Retreat.  It was life-transforming. I got to meet a group of amazing and uplifting women, and spend time in nature with stunning views.  Diane's workshops were very informative, and I gained new tools to live a mindful life and build healthy relationships. I came back physically, emotionally, and spiritually recharged. Diane is an inspiring teacher and life coach. I can't wait for the next retreat. " 


- Makeda

"When Diane asked me to go to the Shine retreat I said no because life is just too busy right now. It's true, my life is busier than ever. I decided I could make time for one weekend and I am so glad I did because I feel like a new person! Even being back in the "real world" and not the bliss of the retreat I still have so much peace. I am applying the things I learned which is creating a much more pleasant day today. I am a wife, a mom of two, work full time, and recently started taking an online course. I thought by not studying all weekend it would show in my exams. I was wrong, I got the highest score on any exam in this course so far! I have discovered rest is so important and I learned tangle and realistic ways to continue to get that rest in my busy life outside of the blissful retreat. I will definitely be going again next year! I can hardly wait!."


- Jodi

"After dealing with the loss of my mother, a sudden health diagnosis, and isolation I was feeling depleted, depressed, and full of anxiety!
Thank you Diane for providing a space where women could come to relax, restore and be in fellowship. I needed this more than I thought!
I will definitely be attending again next year!"


- Anonymous