A community of like-minded women in business joining together to encourage and support one another.

"There is no shortage of information on how to succeed in business. The issue is the insight is usually rooted in worldly thinking- far away from the heart of God!" - Diane Cevallos

Owning a business is hard, and sometimes it can be really lonely. You struggle with finding the right staff members, managing the ones you have, and wearing all the hats.  Add on family and relationship obligations, and pretty soon your own needs wind up on the back burner. You may be challenged with disempowering habits, an unhealthy internal structure, and frustration with the slow growth of your business.  Sound familiar?


Diane Cevallos has been an entrepreneur for the past eleven years.  Through building her career as a yoga teacher and Christian life coach, she’s had firsthand experience in the challenges that accompany maintaining a successful business and a fulfilling life. 


The purpose of the Women’s Focus Group with Diane Cevallos is to provide a safe place for women to feel supported and encouraged as they learn to build and maintain successful businesses, focusing on God every step of the way. 


Join Diane as she guides you through the lessons she’s learned about business, balance, family, and God.



Cost: $40 per person

When: April - September 2020

Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Place: Defined Coffee in Huntersville, NC

(Intimate conversation space reserved)


Sat, Jan 09
Know Your Worth
Finding your worth where it matters the most.
Sun, Aug 16
Defined Coffee
Knowing Your Worth
Finding Your Self-Worth where it matters the most
Sun, Jul 19
Defined Coffee
Time Management
Time management is important because God calls us to be good stewards of all that he has entrusted to us.
Sun, Jun 21
Defined Coffee
Defined Vision
What is God's vision for my business?
Sun, May 17
Defined Coffee
Keeping Faith When Things Get Tough
We can't control what happens sometimes, but we can always control how we choose to respond.
Sun, Apr 19
Defined Coffee
Hearing God In Your Business
A successful, thriving business owned by a believer glorifies God.